Website Cost

Can Your Get a $2000 Website for $1.95?

You know how people said they had to spend thousands for a website? The truth is, you do not need to spend that much to have a web presence. You are probably wondering how much it really costs to create a website.

Save at Justhost

Your first option is to hire someone to create a website for you.

  • Web design – 3 webpages minimum = $600
  • Photos and images @ $40 per image = $200
  • Website hosting paid anually = $100
  • Total cost for a simple web site = $900

If you need more complicated web apps like forum, CMS, ecommerce store, blog and other online applications, you will need involvement of coders, system integrators, designers and many more. That could easily cost you beyond $2000 to hire the right people.

Cheaper Website with Free Domain

Your better option is to create your website using free Site Builder that comes with many multi-domain hosting companies like Justhost. An unbiased Justhost review justifies that this is a good hosting choice.

With Justhost, you pay as little as $1.95 per month and you get a free Site Builder, free domain name of your choice, unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth. Use the coupon code below to get free domain for life.

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Seriously, why pay thousands and wait for weeks or even months for a web designer to get a website when you can get one up today.